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"I have worked with David in my capacity as an inventor and as a government contractor. David has uncanny ability to extract pertinent knowledge from you in order to assess patentability of the technology. David's contract negotiation skills are world class. He has helped us with negotiating contracts across three continents."

Mukund Karanjikar

Energy Entreprenuer

"I previously had managerial responsibility for patents at McDermott Technology and at Idaho National Laboratory. In that role I have worked with a number of internal company patent attorneys, external patent attorneys, and patent agents. David is a pleasure to work with and one of the best patent attorneys I have had the pleasure to know. His technical competence, patent law skills, and support of the research team is outstanding. His quick grasp of the various possibilities contained in a technical development provides the ability to encompass all of the intellectual property possibilities.

I highly recommend David as a highly competent patent attorney and a good person. He will be a significant addition to the strength of any organization."

Lyman Frost
Chief Executive Officer
OxEon Energy, LLC

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with David for 4 years at Ceramatec. During this time he directed the contract and IP development for multiple projects and technologies that I worked on. His vast knowledge in the legal requirements involved in the R&D environment were essential to getting contracts issued in a timely manner and simplifying the development of IP for key technologies."

James Mosby, Ph.D.

ViZn Energy Systems

"I have worked with David for 10 years. As an inventor, I am thankful to him for helping me bring my ideas into a format where we successfully were issued numerous patents. In addition to the filing of the IP, David was extremely helpful with office actions. With his guidance I am certain we were able to obtain far more protection and coverage that would have been possible with anyone less skilled and capable. In addition to being strong professionally, he also is very personable and a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend David."

John Gordon

Inventor, Independent Consultant

Field Upgrading Limited

"I have worked very closely with David for the past nine years and say that he is THE BEST attorney that I have ever worked with. Together, we have done many, many successful business deals both commercial & government and worked on creating new valued added IP for our company. I also have learned a lot from David. He is a man of high moral character and a pleasure work along side. David has my MOST HIGHEST recommendation!"

Anthony Nickens

Department Manager

Idaho National Laboratory

"I have worked with David for 10 years in a fast paced, innovation driven environment. David is an essential member of the R&D business process, bringing new projects under contract, hammering out partner subcontracts, negotiating agreements with potential new partners, ironing out details of IP acquisitions and packaging of IP being marketed with technical services to end user clients. In addition to the business side of IP handling, he is central to the technical side of IP capture and creation, working with inventors to appropriately document and protect new technology, working with outside counsel in drafting and filing patents, keeping a well organized docket of office actions, conversion and foreign filing deadlines and actively cornering inventors to insure these deadlines are met. David is extremely productive, effectively managing a very large and diverse portfolio of technology, projects, customers and partners. He remains personable while diplomatically navigating between the egos of managers, scientist and engineers. He is an able leader, directing a happy and productive legal staff.

David has earned my strongest recommendation as a legal professional in a technology business."

Joe Hartvigsen

Vice President of Engineering

OxyEon Energy, LLC

"David is an excellent person and attorney. I've known and worked with David for many years and enjoyed the opportunity to associate with David. David is very detail-oriented and always puts top priority on doing the best work for whatever project he is focused on. He's also well-liked by everyone around him because he shares his knowledge and expertise in a friendly and inviting way."

Jeff Holman, JD, MBA

General Counsel

Innovation Strategy

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