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Presentations and Publications

Intellectual Property Intricacies of Government Funding Agreements (Including Best Practices for Maintaining Ownership of Your Inventions Under the Bayh Dole Act)

Presented by David Fonda

July 11, 2018, Idaho National Lab, Technology Deployment Division

Best Practices for Identifying and Removing The Ownership Cloud Over Your Government-Funded Inventions Before a Would-Be Buyer or Investor Does

Presented by David Fonda

July 10, 2018 Webinar presented to the Association of Corporate Counsel, Mountain West Chapter

Practical Solutions For Maintaining Ownership of Your Government-Funded Inventions Under the Bayh-Dole Act

Presented by David Fonda

June 21, 2018 to the combined Business & Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Government & Public Sector Lawyers, and Litigation Sections of the Idaho State Bar 

Yes, the invention was made with government funding.  Now what? (IP Intricacies of Government Funding Agreements)

Presented by David Fonda

April 25, 2018, Utah State Bar Intellectual Property Section

Intellectual property intricacies of Government Funding Agreements (including best practices for maintaining ownership of your inventions under the Bayh Dole Act)

Presented by David Fonda

October 12, 2017, Utah State Bar Corporate Counsel Section Fall Forum

The Madrid Protocal - Foreign Trademark Filing

Presented by David Fonda

2001 Utah IP Summit Intellectual Property Section of the Utah State Bar

The Interdependent Nature of Computer Software: Another Reason Why User-Interfaces Should Not Be Protected By Copyright Law

Authored by David B. Fonda

The John Marshall Law Review, Vol. 25, No. 4, Summer 1992

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