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R&D Legal Solutions provides services that protect the value of your company.

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IP Protection

Your intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets) or "IP" may well be the most valuable thing in your company.  Is it protected?  Is it yours?

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Government Contracting

SBIR, STTR, FAR clauses, DFAR clauses. Government Contracting terms may seem like a foreign language.  And failure to comply with them might mean the potential loss of your government-funded innovation.  Are you compliant?  Need help becoming compliant?

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Commercial Contracting

Outside fuding is an inportant, if not the main way to drive your research, development, and/or commercialization.  Do your agreements provide for maximum ownership and control of newly generated IP?

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General Counsel Services

Companies that perform research, development and/or commercialization often start from humble beginnings and operate under strict budgets.  They need the guidance of a general counsel, but may not be ready for a full-time in-house attorney.  R&D LEGAL SOLUTIONS can provide part-time general counsel services at fixed rates that won't spike your budget.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

IP/Invention Audits

Are you thinking about selling your company or monetizing your IP?  Is title to your IP clean, especially in light of Bayh Dole Act provisions that may give ownership of inventions to the government?  IP Audits can let you know if a cloud exists over the title to your IP before your buyer/licensee does.


Legal Department Policies and Procedures

You want to focus on the research, development and/or commercialization.  But is your lab notebook policy, invention disclosure procedure or visitor policy in place?  These things will help you protect and maintain your IP.

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Complimentary Company Presentations

Just getting started in the world of obtaining R&D money from government agencies?  Need a refresher on how to avoid the pitfalls of your government contract IP provisions?  Our complimentary presentations are a great way to hit the ground running.

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