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Protect the value of your hard-earned innovations.

R&D LEGAL SOLUTIONS helps R&D and Commercialization companies protect the value of their innovations and IP through patent protection, compliance with government funding agreements, drafting, negotiating, and reviewing commercialization agreements and agreements supporting government grants, providing the company policies and procedures that R&D/Commercialization companies need to be successful, and providing affordable general counsel services tailored to companies in the R&D/Commercialization space.

Does your company's end game or current bottom line depend on the value of it's patent portfolio?  Has failure to comply with FAR or DFAR clauses in your government funding agreements cast a cloud over your company's IP ownership and the company's value? Does you company's efficiency suffer because its legal processes and policies are out of line with the R&D nature of your business?  Is your company protecting it's inventions in a way that will provide the most value to your company?  Are your company's policies and procedures properly protecting your innovations and sensitive data?

Not sure?  R&D LEGAL SOLUTIONS can help.

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